Thursday, February 25, 2010

Solar Boat Concept

I designed this concept as kind of a gimmic for my other job. A team of students is creating a solar boat for the Frisian Solar Challenge 2010. After talking to one of the teachers I got kind of inspired to do a concept, roughly based on the rules and regulations of the challenge. I was also planning on doing a Trimaran concept, a bit like the one they are creating now, but time wasnt really on my side for the last and the next 3 months. :)  Made this about 3 months ago in 1 weekend.

Bottom view, pointy tip is forward position

p.s. just edited this post because it was kind of hard to read. (spelling errors)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Strigiform Workstation Case

Talking about new computers, I was looking for a new case, but most of them look either cluttered, kitsch, extreme plastic or had, in my eyes, not enough ventilation for a Dual Xeon CPU setup. I will stick with my CoolerMaster 830 for now.

Still I took a few hours to concept my own case. Noctua, the company that specializes in silent air/active cooling has some very strange colors for their fans: Light Brown and Dark Brown. I asked them why and there reply was quite enlightened for a PC brand. "These earthlike colors reflect quietness and calmness." Oi, I was not expecting that. With that in mind I tried to develop a case that would match their colors and would show their primary product: cooling fans.  After 6 hours I got a concept ready: The Strigiform. (Latin for 1 member of the owl family tree.)

While I got permission from Noctua to show this (Thanks!), dont expect it to be produced, it was a personal concept, very fine cut to my own needs.

Maybe one day I will develop it further.

Thursday, February 18, 2010


After 3 years my PC is about 3 weeks away from replacement. (It's future job is being an internet/multimedia pc.)

The new machine will be something more cut to 3D/CGI and less to gaming. It will be here in about 2 to 3 weeks and should make my life easier.

Main features:
Dual Xeon E5520 cpu's,
16GB RAM ,
Solid State Drive for the OS,
Radeon HD5870 video card,
2 Noctua Xeon coolers will make sure the system stays cool without a lot of noise.

Besides a new system I also think about changing my modeling methods a little. Instead of using large datasets with (in case of the ringship) more then 1000 parts, I will explore ways to use perhaps 10 to 15 combined parts for 1 ship. It would greatly improve scene management and portability. I already started to experiment with this on the Merian class. Any new ships, including the Aventine MKII, will probably also be done in that same fashion.

Speaking of the Aventine, I got green light from Jaime Costas, the editor of all things Star Trek in print, to show the progress on the new MKII. This means I will post images of the work on a regular bases starting from this weekend or so. Looking forward to it!

At the moment I'm doing the "technofold" renders of the XCV-330 (Ringship) The last 3 months have been quite demanding, but I think it was worth the effort.

Hmmm 2:14 in the night. I will probably add some more tomorrow, perhaps some images as well.

For now have a drink in the U.S.S. Batavia messhall, it's open again (might take a while to load.)


Monday, February 1, 2010

Ships of the Line 2011: Ringship

Doug Drexler's  preview about this on his blog

Last year Andrew Probert suggested I should do a 3D rendition of the Ringship for the calendar. I knew the ship from Trek history, but I wasnt really planning on doing it in 3D. (In fact I was already thinking about an upgraded 2380 Miranda class...after all, "post Nemesis" is my favorite era.)

Anyway... how hard could it be, just an old stick and some giant rings... So I thought, maybe I could add a bit of detail here and perhaps I could also model all the mountingholes, you know... to keep the platework attached to it's frame... I'm going to start "painting" tomorrow. This better be good.

Small crop of a "clayrender". (no mapping/texture applied)