Monday, July 16, 2007

Coming soon: Holiday to the U.S.A.

Good news: I'm preparing myself to go on holiday in the US. My Sister and me will leave for 3 weeks to L.A. San diego and Canada (that's a

At the 27th of July we hope to take off from Schiphol Airport and start the trip. We will stay in L.A. till the 5th of August, then we will be picked up and drive to San Diego. There I will give some Power Nurbs demonstrations at the Siggraph exhibition (7th till 9th of August.) That will be on the boot of Npowersoftware, nr 303. See a detailed PDF floorplan here, lots of cool names on there. After that we will drive back to L.A. and take an airplane to Canada, where we will be relaxing on Vancouver Island.
My first flight, my first time to go to Siggraph, and my first demonstration ever. Sounds like a lot of things can go wrong, could be fun! :) For the people who dont know Siggraph: it's like the Geneva carshow but then for the movie/3d industry.

I will keep my blog updated with trip pictures/movies, my sister will also add comments. It will probably be in Dutch so that the family at home can follow it easier. Topics about our trips will start with the above logo.