Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 has started in this cave also!

Welcome Mark Rademaker to 2008......

Old steps to upload an image:
Start an FTP program < 5 seconds
connect to the webspace. < 10 seconds
browse/create a decent folder < 1 minute
upload the image < 30 seconds
Create a link on the blog that directs to that image. <2 minutes.

New steps to upload an image:
Start Picasa < 5 seconds
Pick image and upload to webalbum <10 seconds

I save 3 minutes and 30 seconds of pure annoying work. A slight drawback is that I will add all kinds of stuff, also stuff that is very old or very UNfinished, but might be interesting to see. I will add descriptions of my work if I feel up to it.

Projects update:
- Ships of the line 2010 calendar image. (Canon design)
- Yacht design (no it's not a canoe design...) :)

All other projects are canceled or delayed to infinity. It's pretty liberating to say something like that, just try it for yourself!

So what else is going on:
I got a speed-o-meter on my mountainbike now, it's very addicting to break your own top speed record. (Currently it's stuck on 44.1 km/h)

I'm learning a lot from Andrew Probert about Star Trek design and detailing. It makes me pretty happy that I got this opportunity.

I think I fixed an annoying bug in my OS that froze my PC during an operation in 3DS max, it happens, but this bug corrupted the file I was working on beyond repair. (can't even merge objects out of it anymore) Seems to be fixed since yesterday.

Well can't think of anything else today, so enjoy the gallery! :)