Monday, December 28, 2009

A toast to You, visitor!

I woud like to thank everybody for their support this year! I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2010 withs lots of cool images! :)

For me it was kind of a hectic year, I bought a house, it's absolutely absurd how much time, paperwork and effort it takes to get things done, and it's not over yet. (Currently the house is under construction.)

This week will be one of extensive modeling because I'm detailing my entry for SOTL 2011.
I want to deliver the final around the end of January. I can reveal that it's a canon piece...sort of... :)

When I'm finished with the above it's time for the Aventine MKII. The MKII will be a refined version of the current model, certainly upclose.(I'm seeing it as a refit.) I promise to flood my blog with pics of it, perhaps also some work in progress pictures. I'm looking forward to this!

After that I will continue with the small science ship. (Merian class) It's an ongoing project that I use for experiments so it could take some time.

Also I will add a poll soon on the left for a new main project in 2010, I'm interested in what people would like to see. If you have an other suggestion dont hesitate to post it in the comments. :)

I will end this post with the full resolution image of the U.S.S. Spirit from this years calendar, enjoy! (2mb to load)

Thanks again!