Saturday, March 6, 2010

Build report new PC


Dust had free play as the 2 front fans (not visible) had no protection at all, even fingers could get stuck into them. :)

Almost stripped!

An emtpy shell....

Taken downstairs, cleaned up entirely in the garage and the "as good as new" case is up in the kitchen awaiting the new parts. (Much to the annoyance of other family members.)

Intel Solid State boot disk and a green Spinpoint as a working disk.

Asus dual Xeon mainboard (5520's) with 2 Noctua coolers. The 16GB of RAM is hardly visible. Thank you Salland for mounting this all on the mainboard.

 Added the Radeon 5870 Vidcard. Maybe one day this could be softmodded to a newer generation FireGL.

Gently slided the mainboard into the case, connected all the cables, and tried to avoid cluttering it all.

Ready to be put back into the room.

Uhm..maybe the room isnt ready for the computer yet... (4 hours later the wiring was redone, tieripped and the entire room cleaned up.)

Ready for battle! (Well modeling that is...)