Sunday, March 7, 2010


Somehow I get distracted if I type within a web browser, so I was looking for an offline editor to do my posts. I’m using Live Writer for 30 minutes now, and I’m already impressed.

I have settled on my new machine and enjoying a Sunday of peace and quiet. My computer room is entirely clean and orderly now, my main project is continuing steadily and I’m for the first time in months able to feel inspired. Perhaps it’s the weather change. (It was grey for months and now it’s sunny with a blue sky.)

Anyway, lets see if I can drop some unseen images of random (unfinished) stuff:

Some interior concepts I did for Dark Armada (A Dutch fan series)

engine20  Engineering section of the U.S.S. Batavia

moduleExample of modular designed hallway sections.

paaltjeBulkhead type, 6 slotted. (This was useable for 45 degree wall sections.)

engineering2First concept I did of main engineering of the U.S.S. Batavia

colors Material Palette for the interiors.

Some other random things:

atlantisThis is a top plan of an “artificial” island that I want to create as a background for my new yacht design. (whenever it’s ready.) Early efforts of this will be done again.

centerdynes2The first version of the rear “"Centerdynes” from the XCV-330 Ringship. We decided to abandon these entirely because the blueprint showed a very different shape.

borg1A Borg cube is passing the 700 meter U.S.S. Reinksbergen, a Vienna II class ship, that was escorting some Vienna I class ships.  (The Vienna I is designed by Peter Weaver, he basically got me into modeling spaceships.)  The nacelles are vertical on a Vienna class. (Done in 2003/2004)

testrender1An early color test of the U.S.S. Spirit by doing a hueshift in Photoshop, to check how a grayish blue would look instead of red. (The black armor was also abandoned.)

restFor test renders there is always Photoshop to filter it into something relaxing. Lets hope that the Summer will arrive soon!