Saturday, April 10, 2010

Vesta Class MK2 update

Because of last minute release date shifts the MK 1 will be featured on the cover. The original schedule was already extremely tight, so we decided to go with the MK1.

The good news is that I now can finish the MK2 without haste, so I can go over the details a bit longer, and really make it 3D printable.

I’m also playing with the idea to create the “Voyager fleet”. This fleet appeared in the books "Full Circle” and “Unworthy”, both by Kirsten Beyer.

Ships in the fleet:

1x Intrepid class (USS Voyager)
2x Vesta class (USS Esquiline & USS Quirinal)
3x unknown class ships (USS Hawking, USS Planck, & USS Curie)
1x unknown class medical ship (USS Galen)
1x unknown class mechanical/repair/transport (USS Achilles)
1x unknown class biological transport/production (USS Demeter)

Anyway, first I will focus on the Vesta. 
A shot of the bottom in progress: