Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update Time!


Sorry! Too busy with a lot of things, anyway here is a long overdue update on all my current projects:

Ringship XCV-330:
Now that the SOTL2011 image has been sneak peaked at Doug’s, I’m happy to show it on my on blog as well.


I want to thank Andrew Probert, Mike Okuda and Doug Drexler for their support, input and patience. :)

I’m currently creating a more in depth article about dimensions, functions and the “construction” of the model.

Voyager Fleet:
This project now also includes the Vesta MK2 project.

The idea is there, the support is there from both the Author and the editors, we just have not yet heard a GO from the higher levels at CBS. So for now this is pending. The Vesta MK2 is also on hold for now. The "USS Planck" is in progress. More info about this on my next post.

Yacht project:
Because this year is actually too busy to focus on research intensive projects I decided to abandon the Enterprise F project for now. The next 2 months I will be focusing on a yacht. (A near future yacht.)

NX-1701 Doodle:
A quick 3D doodle I did to explore how a 1701 like secondary hull would look on the NX-01.


Hope to have another update in a short week.