Friday, December 31, 2010


Well that was one year gone by too fast!

Thanks to everyone for their support this year!
Personally I hope to do a lot more design/3D next year! It was hard to fully focus on multiple projects because most of  the time I was busy with the new house. Amazing how much work and organizing it takes. Perhaps I want everything too precise? :-)

Anyway, I wish everybody a Happy New Year and lets make 2011 a special one! :)

p.s. before I forget: Thanks for voting on the poll! I will see if I can somehow push that poster idea forward.

p.p.s My English writing skills once again went down the drain, I will probably be spell checking this post until 2012... doh!

Last image of 2010: My first idea and "sketch" for SOTL2011. The ringship passing small space debris and pushing it out of the way with the deflector.  However I decided to go with the big asteroid idea instead, it was safer in terms of Treknology workings. :)