Sunday, December 5, 2010

What is going on!

Phew! Things are very slowly settling down for the next 2 weeks. I'm still moving from old to new home, it's taking some time, as there is still some more work to be done before I can really pack > transport > unpack.

Sadly this is also the reason that I wont participate in the Star Trek Online "Enterprise F" design contest. I cant go 100% at that, so I wont do it. Good luck for the people who do! :)

My schedule was extremely messed up, so I created a new one.

end 2010 - mid 2011:

  • Finishing Merian class with 3 different modules (3 ships)
  • Continuing the U.S.S. Voyager refit (yay!)
  • Participating in a local electric concept car project. (new stuff!)
I get a lot of requests for more "Aventine", I can only go into that a little bit by placing some 1600x shots of it:

I'm planning on letting go of the current starship styling. I think some things have become obsolete overtime. Currently all my efforts are based on ships that where designed between 10 & 20 years ago. While this might be comfortable, it's not renewing. This means I'm going to take a lot more "creative risk" in new designs. Anti clutter I would call it. :) Time will tell I guess!


  1. Happy to hear about the new design choice, Mark! And just wanted to let you know I read the article and saw these in there! Great work!! Keep it up!!

  2. Hey! :) Cool thanks! I'm not sure yet when I will apply the "new style", but some ships of the Full Circle fleet might benefit from it. (Where "benefit" is in the eye of the beholder :P)

  3. LOL! Well just point me at anyone that complains about your mad skillz and I'll pull out the bazooka! I'm still hoping they'll pull the Vesta into STO so I can fly her around =D Emissary is pretty similar and snazzy, but I still like Vesta way more!

    Btw, do you by chance have a large version of the magazine diagram that pointed out the location of different places on the ship? The digital version's diagram is completely unreadable, lol!

  4. Hi there, i really appreciatte the new images, i´m in love with these ship, i even will update it in botf game. Btw, i´ve talked with Titan Magazine, they forwarded me to another supplier, still wainting their answer to see if the magazine reaches this corners of the world.
    I´ll be waiting the the updates you mention, keep up the good job !!!! and the best of luck with the moving to the new house !!!

  5. To bad you won't be throwing your hat into the ring with concerns with the Enterprise-F contest. I would love to see what you think about the design I am entering, I added a couple of detail that you had on the Aventine into the deflector of the ent-F design. I am not sure if I will win another contest, but it doesn't hurt to try.

  6. Well this December 9th, they announced the 'Design the Next Enterprise' Contest, with webpage and all.

    The contest submission period ends January 15th 2011. If you do decide to participate after the next two weeks, it'll give you 2~3 other weeks in the holidays to work and submit it.

  7. Best looking ship by a mile. Outstanding work good sir!

  8. i design starships also, looking to form community to do that bored of doing it alone.