Sunday, December 5, 2010

What is going on!

Phew! Things are very slowly settling down for the next 2 weeks. I'm still moving from old to new home, it's taking some time, as there is still some more work to be done before I can really pack > transport > unpack.

Sadly this is also the reason that I wont participate in the Star Trek Online "Enterprise F" design contest. I cant go 100% at that, so I wont do it. Good luck for the people who do! :)

My schedule was extremely messed up, so I created a new one.

end 2010 - mid 2011:

  • Finishing Merian class with 3 different modules (3 ships)
  • Continuing the U.S.S. Voyager refit (yay!)
  • Participating in a local electric concept car project. (new stuff!)
I get a lot of requests for more "Aventine", I can only go into that a little bit by placing some 1600x shots of it:

I'm planning on letting go of the current starship styling. I think some things have become obsolete overtime. Currently all my efforts are based on ships that where designed between 10 & 20 years ago. While this might be comfortable, it's not renewing. This means I'm going to take a lot more "creative risk" in new designs. Anti clutter I would call it. :) Time will tell I guess!