Sunday, March 6, 2011

Yay! Time to spare!

Ever thought about working in a better environment? Me too! In the physical world I'm all set. A light looking room, not too much stuff in it, and my desk is looking tidy. (And there is tea, lots of tea!) At the moment my pc is rendering my new showroom environment. This will become my virtual "design office". It's just before the coast of some strange island, that started out as a geosphere... I can imagine designers in the 2200's would use these floating islands to get both inspired and focused without distractions by common things like the Internet, the Dutch and mobile phones. The first object I'm going to place and design here will be the electric car concept. My main concern at the moment is render time, it adds 60 minutes to any render in super high quality, but I think it's worth it. :-)

I'm typing this from an iPad that I borrowed from work. This goes so well that I'm seriously considering to buy one for myself on the 25th of march. I believe it is a replacement for a whole bunch of other devices and it would help to organize my chaos, uhm I mean my life. :) Anyway I will add an image of this showroom when it's done. (somewhere tomorrow I hope!)

Speaking of images, for someone with a blog about graphics, 3D, design etc, I really do a bad job of showing them. I promise to update this blog with visual updates asap!