Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some updates

Created some time ago as a little helper for me during the design of the Vesta.
A four page PDF file that shows primary specifications. These where/are not final but more of a rough guideline to me and some writers.

Part below is a quote from the spec list that still has to be taken out. It was intended to be a justification for the creation of the MK.II that I decided to cancel anyway. Instead I made small changes to the MK.I.


This refit is planned to convert the Aventine NCC-82602 from a "McKinley" (NX) pattern to a "DeSilvo" pattern (NCC).

While labeled as an "NCC" the Aventine currently is identical to NX-82600. (U.S.S. Vesta) with exception of the added experimental quantum slipstream conversion.

NCC-82602 is subject to refit earlier as expected because of the destruction of NX-82600 during the war against the Borg. The refit is scheduled to start at stardate 58969.656 and will take up to 4 months. Currently the Aventine is docked in drydock 18 here at Utopia Plantitia. Drydock 18 is an enclosed dock that requires a higher security clearance and is off limits to all normal personal, including medical staff.

Spec list link thingy

In other news: these brown blog colors look kind of heavy. (what was I thinking.) I will change that back soon. (EDIT: DONE!)

Anything else?

A small deck layout for the Demeter, IF it stays at it's current 216 meter  size. It might be too small for the desired hydroponic bays capacity. I might size it up a deck or 2.