Thursday, February 9, 2012

Poll.... Voyager! :)

The Voyager design is almost 18 years old and it is on my mind quite a lot these days. (oh rly?)

While I did some research on what I believe where parts that would benefit from improvement, I'm not sure if I want to go that route. My time is limited this year, recreating a slightly morphed version of the original might be too time consuming to be worth it, also I'd like to use the (re)design as a demonstration of what I'm currently able to do. (ahum...)

Images show a bit of the research phase and a possible (mild) refit direction.

A different approach would be to go more freely and create a ship that feels like Voyager, but does not follow the original strictly. This would come closer to what was done with the Enterprise when it was upgraded for ST:TMP. Clearly it was still the Enterprise, but it also was modernized to an acceptable 1979 standard. (And beyond, as that ship never really will look outdated.)

I just contacted Kirsten Beyer to hear what she thinks about this, and I created a poll. Thanks for voting! :)
Like it was taken evenly lid (semi finished?) Enterprise in spacedock for TMP during lighting tests.
Photo courtesy of Andrew Probert.