Thursday, January 24, 2008

Strange things are happening!

Proper time and scene management. Why?

7:15 BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ Wake up, getting ready for work.
8:30 arrived at work,
Work is very very busy, good but busy. :)
12:00 lunchbreak
12:10: lunchbreak interrupted as usual.
17:00: done with work
17:30: home, dinner is already done by my parents, I only have to put it in the microwave and heat it up.
18:00 done, fire up the computer, start working on the SOTL starship
18:10 distracted by incoming emails/deleting spam.
18:15 Discovering a mail from a company in Hawaii that wants me to design a chassis for a new testbed 1:1 scale monstertruck. Answering this detailed and in correct English is taking me 1 hour. I'm in a good mood. Twin Turbo 6.6 litre diesel with 1100HP. Excellent!
19:15 Working some more on the starship, adding lights.
20:00 3DS MAX crash, I get annoyed, decide to play a game of COD4 first.
21:00 Gaming done, time for another cup of tea, loading up max again.
22:00 More email coming in, I want to answer to some administrative problems, then go back to my starship.
23:00: Saved the last update of my work, and decide to do a bit more prefinal shots, watching stupid movies in during the render.
23:30: render done, some color correcting in photoshop, adding tags to things I want to change in the next couple of renders.
0:30: Shutting down the computer. Moving downstairs to get another cup of tea and probably something to eat because I feel a bit hungry. Decide to turn in early.
0:45: Started a fire in the fireplace. (press 1 button, get a fire.) Get my note/sketchpad and a pencil and start brainstorming for my upcoming yacht project. I pick some encyclopedia books off the shelf and start reading about history, styles and architecture in the late 1700's. I want to base my "dock" on that, but redo it Neoclassical almost steampunk.
2:00: Time to get some sleep, in about 5 hours that buzz thing is going again. Once again I did not keep my promise to move to bed earlier.

This is a typical day as I had for the last 3 months I think. I'm not complaining, because I love what I do, I just think It should be possible to do it a bit different, so I had to post this for later reference. Did I do anything constructive in between? Sort of:

Here is a quick shot of my "water" experiment, I'm trying to create decent water, I think I'm half there. (I will use the water material for the yacht/dock environment.)

The start of the Batavia bridge (Nova class.) Still very empty and taken with a tiny 8mm lens it looks a lot roomier then it is.

Here is very quick sketch from a 2 seater variant fighter based on a design of Andrew Probert: