Friday, April 11, 2008

Star Trek ships of the line 2009 image finished among other news.

Ouch, yeps I think it's time to start working again!

I finalized the SOTL 2009 starship and moved away from 3D for 2 months. The ship drained a lot of energy, but I'm recovering. :) I'm now working on 2 new projects:

The chassis for the monstertruck from Hawaii, it's making progress but it's going slow. I think it's a bit busy but nice. :D (like the typical Hawaii T-shirts.)

The yacht, I'm still a bit sketching with this one, I got a couple of idea's but right now I havent even decided if it needs to have harder lines like my last 2 spaceyachts, or that it should be softer more rounded. I however have decided (just now) that it will be narrow monohull with 2 stabilizing floaters that also contain living space. Approx length 70 meters. I also want to push my Powernurbs knowledge over my current limitations, so it's going to be a "female dog" to get it done right.

Possible names:
  • Futura
  • Destiny (what a dramatic piece :P)
  • Flame of the West
  • Praetor
  • Sentinel of the Sea
  • Invicta (though it's a car brand also.)
  • Steam Machine (from the Daft Punk song.)

Anyway now that I have some confidence: I noticed that 90% of the yachts these days are looking very much alike. The megayacht sector seems subtle almost conservative with changes. I think I got an idea why, so I think something radical must be created to get new idea's rolling again. Possible features that I'm going to apply:

  • Aboretum
  • Glass panels, lots of them, I share the opinion of Cor D Rover that we can do a lot more with glass then is currently being showed.
  • Ledstrip on the waterlevel, this will probably be a first, I already did this with Orbital blue, but I think it can also be done on a megayacht.
  • Balcony's on the side.
  • Lunar Serenity style "hinges"
  • Air cavity hull with narrow bladelike front. (big maybe)
  • large and visible airintakes for the turbo's

Well that's it for now, soon I hope to have some progress to show.