Monday, April 14, 2008

Refit/Finishing of the Ta03X

And now back to Radio Controlled news,:

Exciting times for my Ta03. After being untouched for almost 2 years, I finally got some work done.

I redesigned the chassis in CAD. The current chassis is 3mm too short. (25,3 wheelbase, where I needed 25,6-7.)

The body will be a Porsche Cayenne, it has more wheelspace so there wont be a problem with rubbing wheels.

I contacted Lehner about a decent 2 motor setup. (probably 2x a Basic XL wich comes down to a average output of 1600 watts, peak performance of 2 motors is 2600 watts.) Please keep in mind that the car's weight is less then 2 kilogramms, so it's slightly overpowered.

I'm waiting a little bit longer before I send this to Alucutter because I might adjust the chassis design to house 2 lipo batteries instead of normal cell packs. (saves 25% on weight.)

what I need to do:
buy a servo
check how my Nomadio controller is doing, needs a ton of firmware updates as I havent touched it in a long long time.

That's it for now, I'm in a hurry and I apologize for this somewhat strange constructed chapter of my blog.

Anyway sleep time!