Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Aventine, small update

A small update on the USS Aventine: "construction" is 70% finished. I placed 350 windows this week. So before I go crazy: here is another quick concept of the ship seen from the construction yard. Have a cup of tea and enjoy the view. :)


  1. Great work Mark! Nice little 'teaser' you've shown us there. Really can't wait to see the whole thing completed. I have to say, I wasn't too sure about the design at first but it's really grown on me!! Puts my work into the shade. LOL! Thanks for the update...

  2. Thanks Si. It's indeed a teaser that I quickly created after I completed most windows in the main hull. I think your own version of the Aventine looks a bit more organic/newer then my own. I wanted to stick a bit in the 2380 look of things and the years of development before that. :)

  3. Mark I was wondering if yo had any more pics of the Aventine that I could use for a star trek sim that I'm starting up also I need written specs for the Avetine as well



  4. Ok Mark, I think your overdue for an update, lets have it!