Friday, January 30, 2009

The chassis that never was...

We had this great idea about mixing a couple of symbols from Hawai; the Kamapuaa legend to respect the traditional and the Christian cross to show the more modern influence, and merge that into a Monstertruck chassis.

If I recall correctly: Kamapuaa is an old legend about a creature that is half man half Warthog and sometimes full Warthog.

The minor technical part: It had to be designed in such a way that there would still be room to mount an engine, 8 axle links and 4 shocks to it.... not to mention a rollbar/driver seat/plastic body and some huge tires. Well.... why not?

I started out going easy on the tribals etc:

Then it became a bit wilder, the warthog shape was somewhat more defined, but not wild enough!

So my last attempt on this was looking quite cool but it was too complex to recreate out of carbon fiber and do the additional stress tests. (it needed beefing up for that anyway.) Maybe sometime I will adapt it and have it lasercut for a 1/10 version. :)