Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twitter experiment


I'm not sure why but somehow I added a twitter widget to this blog... doh! And I'm really not the kind of person that would use it a lot, but let's see how it goes. If I hardly make use of it it will be gone.

Lets tweet away! :)

p.s. Now that I am here:
what is in the works at the moment?

1. Aventine refit (New armor, slight undercut, new markings/paint/texture (and faster rendering times for animation.)

2. Leif Ericson low detail background model for some scene.

3. Home, I'm in the process of buying a starters home. (In the Netherlands) I find the entire "buying a house" thing extremely time consuming and bad for my inspiration/3D development.
But when it's finished May next year I will finally move out. About time!

4. I'm planning on going back into RC cars. I'm in an early stage of sketching idea's.

That's it for now!

p.s. the for the Dutch guy that asked for the Carbon Fiber damper stays, they are not for sale till I decided what direction I will go with RC's. In fact I have no CLUE where I left them!!! (So thanks for reminding me!)