Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Aventine, some minor specs.

(Concept: Aventine escorted by U.S.S. Spirit.)

(Ships of the Line 2010 calendar image.)

After many months the ship can finally be previewed on Trekmovie.com I'm really thrilled that many people like it!

Considering the short time period I had to design the Aventine, I'm quite happy with the result. As many other ships this is an ongoing project that will be brushed up some more in the next couple of months.

Length: 672 meters
Width: 182 meters
Height: 87 meters

3D specs:
Model in NURBS format.
Amount of objects: 1290
Filesize: 1.1GB (stacks collapsed)
RAM useage: around 4gb in workmode & 6gb during render. (Once converted to poly this will go down to aprox. 1gb during render.)