Sunday, June 14, 2009

*Dust off!

Hectic month! So far this has been the least productive/artistic/design year that I ever had. This has everything to do with my attempt to buy a house. Next time I will just ask for a cave with a internet connection! What a time consuming, stressfull event. However it's a much needed event. I will be back to FULL creative potential in june 2010, for now we just have to do with the timebits I get here and there. :)

About the Aventine: I delivered a mediocre animation to Margaret about a week ago, it should be on Trekmovie soon. It shows some more of the Aventine's shape. I'm not an animator, it's new and has a different set of rules than print work. It's kind of fun to animate so I'm playing with the idea to storyboard a longer animation that is based on the Aventine. Battle with a borg cube using the new cannons? :)

Some other stuff I did these days:

I did a quick design (30 mins) of my future kitchen. Too expensive ofcourse so I had to compromise. (Something I hate doing.)

Oh and I moved one screen down my other screen, so that the lower one has all the tools for 3ds max. It's quite useful, but I still move my mouse up to the tools instead of down....not fully used to it yet.

I think that's it for now, thanks for reading!