Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summer Holiday projects!

My summer holiday just started! YAY! It's time for a creative reload.

First thing I'm working on is a new PC. I need a more stable station then the current machine. This one had a lot of bad luck from the start: 1 vidcard got fried, hard disk detection problems, corrupted and unrecoverable 3ds max files during save, driver trouble, instant reboots. I'm a bit tired of it, and it does not do much good for my creative side. It would be best if I clean my case out and put the components somewhere in storage to use in some internet pc.

Talking about reloading creativity, I reconnected a trackball since today and I decided that I'm going to reduce the amount of time I play online Call of Duty 4. It's becoming an addiction, and it is in the way of my future progress into design.

Anyhow my new PC components will probably arrive mid august, so before that I have time to finish 2 projects that are overdue.

One is modeling the cockpit/interior of shuttlecraft. It's for a Dutch Fanseries called Dark Armada. Because I'm Dutch myself I wanted to help them a bit on the 3D side. The cockpit is long overdue and I want to have it done in the next 2 weeks. That will also be the last 3D model I deliver to them, in fact I'm cutting all loose ends as in time they start to wear me out. (I make this sound more dramatic then it really is, but writing it down seems to help me focus.)

After the cockpit is done I'm moving on to the Aventine. I already have done a great deal of the "refits" since the calendar image, but I will only show the ship again, when it's completely done. Expect a spec list then as well.

Besides the 2 projects above I also have:
the SOTL2011 image project, entirely different from what I'm used too, but it will be good...

....and I need to start on futuristic Yacht design somewhere this Fall. A huge project, but it will be fun to do! When it's finished I'm planning on having it machined in 1/50 scale, making it about 1.4 meters long. If it's good enough it might end up in my living room. The ultimate goal is to find a buyer for the concept ofcourse. I already pity the shipyard that has to make it, it's not going to be easy! :)

How dull... not a single image in the entire post, can I fix that?

Yes I can! Here are some oldschool images of stuff I did not show before on this blog:

Ship being constructed in some spacedock.

Early concept of the U.S.S. Spirit looking very much like a Triak kayak.

Rare image from the runabout with additional striping on the warp circles. Looks kind of nice.

An unfinished 3D model of a Trek Tug and repair ship, with large shuttle bay.

For the people who missed this before: the runabout and it's modularity explained. (This shows a prototype of the runabout.)

Made in 2003, as my first 3ds max model, this is turbine driven catamaran that is excellent in hunting "Paleo era" sea creatures. I found this image on my hard drive, thought it made a nice moody image to end this blogentry with. :)