Monday, August 24, 2009

The 7 minute chair...

When I was doing the virtual set of a starship's messhall I was in need of some chairs. There was no time to go all out, so I came up with a rather minimal design that I did in 7 minutes. I kind of liked it so today I redid it from scratch with improved measurements. I even made it as a do it yourself kit. All you need for assembly is a hammer... or a clawhammer! :P Total working time 2 hours and 7 minutes, with a small Pepsi max break in between.

See the messhall here This is a 360 panorama that the viewer can rotate him/herself. I made this as my last piece for "Dark Aramada" a Dutch Star Trek fan series.

Improved chair here:

Bold statement/webxperiment
It is rare for me to to design household products, but this was rather enjoyable. If you would like to produce this please contact me.

I now have time to focus on my next 3 projects. One will be a little different from my previous work. Hope to show more of project 1 this week.

My Call of Duty 4 addiction is entirely gone, done, toast! :) It seems I'm going to be fully back into design and modeling again. It's going to be war, but this time a good one!