Thursday, November 26, 2009


*Dusts off the blog

I was thinking today about how to make my blog life easier while keeping it up to date. So I'm going to experiment with 1 post a day. Just a quick update of my progress on models, design and stuff around that.

For now I will just do a quick recap of the last 2 months:
Got news from Doug Drexler that Ships of the Line 2011 is a go. (Yeah!)
Had a sneak peek at Andrew Proberts entry, it is going to be so cool!

Mailed Simon & Schuster to ask a status update after Margaret Clarck had to leave. (Margaret will however do SOTL2011!) It turns out that the new editor for Trek Literature is Jaime Costas. I wish her good luck!

So what else is happening?

I'm researching what could make my modeling life easier and my models more interesting. For example I want to be able to make more organic shapes and speed up the modeling time by 50%. (Possible, but this thing called "internet" gets in the way all the time.)

Currently working on:
  1. My SOTL2011 entry, something a bit out of my normal direction.
  2. A science/research ship. This 200 meter long ship is a 2380's version of the Miranda class. I use this ship to explore faster modeling, mild organic shapes and above all: the option to have it 3D printed! My goal is to end up with a set of 10 parts that together make 1 ship.

< Merian class in progress

On hold:
Aventine rebuild. When the above 2 are finished, this directly will have my attention again. The idea is to apply the skills I learned on the Merian class and use them to decrease modeling time and increase the quality of the Aventine MKII.

Sorry for this exorbitant long post. Tomorrow you probably will just read 2 lines!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your SOTL entry.

    And to seeing "tomorrow's" two lines...

  2. Is it just my computer/connection, or does the pic of the Merian not show up for anyone?

  3. Hi, it was not your connection, yesterday the server I host my images on had downtime and was restored with a backup from a week or 2 ago when I had not yet uploaded this image. It should be back up now. :)

  4. Score, thanks. And the Merian is wicked awesome, really nice evolution of the Miranda.

  5. Was this ship design influanced at all by the ST:First Contact concept are for the starship Endeavor which was supose to be Nebula style counter part to the Sovereign Class?

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