Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Did the experiment fail?

What happened to my 1 post a day... well I got a heavy migraine "attack" fridaymorning, probably the most severe I ever had. I will spare you the details, but on Fridaynight I was still not able to eat 1 spoon of rice without it coming out again. I felt quite miserable the days after and it seems this was more like a combination of a mild flue and a migraine attack. Anyway I'm feeling a lot better today, so lets try this again. :)
Tonight I will work some more on my SOTL2011 entry. The task started out easy but there is this 1 shape in it that is (far) more advanced then I anticipated.

Anyway, besides that I'm franticly shopping online to buy gifts for my family because soon (5th of December) it will be "Sinterklaas" here in the Netherlands. (It's a bit like Christmas only earlier....and ofcourse Christmas is still coming after that.) :) Bottom line of this tradition: people get presents. I have mixed feelings, I seriously have no wishes and still I will get something.

For now: tea, a change of outfit and some modeling. :)

p.s. to make my writing a bit quicker I decided to not read and reread everything 20 times, so there could be errors and strange constructed sentences. Hope I sound like Yoda not...