Thursday, December 3, 2009



Initial 2x4 cm post it sketch:

I have no excuse, I made it at 4:00 in the morning...

To answer the question about a 3 view, I have a 5 view but again from the "NX version" it should give you a general idea though.

Because of the size of this ship, I thought it would be wise to create an interior of the area's that would be exposed to the viewer. This shows the cockpit and universal room behind it. It seems the coffee got cold by now...  Must admit that the plant and the furniture are not standard issue, then again I'm all for comfort, after all it's the 24th century. :)

The NX 5 view.

End of update
I noticed Doug Drexler posted my sotl2008 image on his blog (thanks!) I got a hard time posting links within the comments there so here are the images I was talking about:

Above image shows how the runabout would look when the lower container is being exchanged.

Same here but this shows the prototype, the final model had at least 80 changes. The largest changes where the increased bussard size and improved paneling, to make the model more "serious"

And a close up of the guy that just replicated 2 coffee

The same prototype but now equipped as a gunship. I doubt this would be something that Starfleet would use though. :)


  1. Very cool, Mark! Thanks for posting the extra BTS shot on this bird. :)


  2. Thorsten WiekingDecember 05, 2009

    Thank you very much for posting. Great ideas and details. Despite Starfleets policy, I would use a gunship any given day ;-) Do you have any 3-view drawings?

    Cheers and many thanks


  3. Thorsten WiekingDecember 05, 2009

    Wow, thank you very much for posting those additional views, especially the views without the modules. Have you envisioned any further details for the lower mission module? Do you have any 3 side views.?

    Many thanks for posting.


  4. I posted an update, Thorsten do you want me to remove one of your posts? :)

  5. John N. RitterDecember 05, 2009

    Nice flexible design, exactly what a small ship needs to be. It could be a very common ship, outfitted as the customer wants.

    But you still need compete specs.

    Might I suggest some? Warp five plus, doesn't reach warp six. One hundred plus days at full power. Moduals can extend this indefinitely.

    Weapons: Type V Phasers standard - twenty per strip civilian version, thirty per Star Fleet.

    Computers are isolinear plus biogel neural packs.

    Isolinear primary computers have four moduals of 144 isolinear chips each. Not FTL. There twenty biogel neural packs. Biogel neural packs are designed to give computers, the organ edge, that the Borg have, with out going that route.

    Crew size: Four

  6. Hi John, take a look here:

    It shows the prototype with a couple of main specs. (made in 2006) I agree with powering down the phasers a bit. The rest is pretty much similar. :)

  7. John N. RitterDecember 09, 2009

    Which raises the question as to why every designer wants to the Type X on every ship?

    You find it on some people's intrupretation of the Voyager, and even small ships, like the Nova.

    The Voyager was described as being heavier armed than normal for a ship that size - I seem to remember Type VIIIs.

    While my line of thought on the Nova class was maybe(originally) Type Vs, but I think now Type VIs.

    Not every ship in the fleet is going to have 16 inch guns after all.

    Then with phaser strips you havve other issues, like how many phasers per strip.

    It gets really goofed up with the Type 7 shuttle craft...

    Which brings up the question as to exactly when do you go to phaser strips? From single emitters?

  8. Thorsten WiekingDecember 22, 2009

    Sorry for the delay, yes, of course you can remove my doubled posting..... but it would be great if you could combine it with another update.... just in case you still have any unpublished material.