Monday, February 1, 2010

Ships of the Line 2011: Ringship

Doug Drexler's  preview about this on his blog

Last year Andrew Probert suggested I should do a 3D rendition of the Ringship for the calendar. I knew the ship from Trek history, but I wasnt really planning on doing it in 3D. (In fact I was already thinking about an upgraded 2380 Miranda class...after all, "post Nemesis" is my favorite era.)

Anyway... how hard could it be, just an old stick and some giant rings... So I thought, maybe I could add a bit of detail here and perhaps I could also model all the mountingholes, you know... to keep the platework attached to it's frame... I'm going to start "painting" tomorrow. This better be good.

Small crop of a "clayrender". (no mapping/texture applied)