Thursday, February 18, 2010


After 3 years my PC is about 3 weeks away from replacement. (It's future job is being an internet/multimedia pc.)

The new machine will be something more cut to 3D/CGI and less to gaming. It will be here in about 2 to 3 weeks and should make my life easier.

Main features:
Dual Xeon E5520 cpu's,
16GB RAM ,
Solid State Drive for the OS,
Radeon HD5870 video card,
2 Noctua Xeon coolers will make sure the system stays cool without a lot of noise.

Besides a new system I also think about changing my modeling methods a little. Instead of using large datasets with (in case of the ringship) more then 1000 parts, I will explore ways to use perhaps 10 to 15 combined parts for 1 ship. It would greatly improve scene management and portability. I already started to experiment with this on the Merian class. Any new ships, including the Aventine MKII, will probably also be done in that same fashion.

Speaking of the Aventine, I got green light from Jaime Costas, the editor of all things Star Trek in print, to show the progress on the new MKII. This means I will post images of the work on a regular bases starting from this weekend or so. Looking forward to it!

At the moment I'm doing the "technofold" renders of the XCV-330 (Ringship) The last 3 months have been quite demanding, but I think it was worth the effort.

Hmmm 2:14 in the night. I will probably add some more tomorrow, perhaps some images as well.

For now have a drink in the U.S.S. Batavia messhall, it's open again (might take a while to load.)