Monday, February 22, 2010

Strigiform Workstation Case

Talking about new computers, I was looking for a new case, but most of them look either cluttered, kitsch, extreme plastic or had, in my eyes, not enough ventilation for a Dual Xeon CPU setup. I will stick with my CoolerMaster 830 for now.

Still I took a few hours to concept my own case. Noctua, the company that specializes in silent air/active cooling has some very strange colors for their fans: Light Brown and Dark Brown. I asked them why and there reply was quite enlightened for a PC brand. "These earthlike colors reflect quietness and calmness." Oi, I was not expecting that. With that in mind I tried to develop a case that would match their colors and would show their primary product: cooling fans.  After 6 hours I got a concept ready: The Strigiform. (Latin for 1 member of the owl family tree.)

While I got permission from Noctua to show this (Thanks!), dont expect it to be produced, it was a personal concept, very fine cut to my own needs.

Maybe one day I will develop it further.