Monday, August 9, 2010

Canceling Aventine MKII

last week I decided to cancel the second version of the Aventine. For an upcoming situation I really needed an Aventine model and I needed it quick. Finishing the MKII in such a short time wasnt an option and a "repaint" of the first model, while taking a lot of time too, would be the only right course of action. I'm extremely happy that I did, maybe my desire for "perfection" in the shape of a second version was a mistake from the start.

The first and now only Aventine model (I deleted MKII entirely, I dont want to reuse it.) was made with different software and used incompatible materials that my new renderer wont render. So I had to do the job I feared to do for all those months: Go over all 2035 parts, and assign new ID's and materials to them. It has taken me 2 days to get it all done, in the end it was actually easier then I imagined. I also fixed numerous tiny errors along the way and added "rooms" behind the 1000+ windows. (The larger panorama windows actually have an interior as well now.)

Right now she is again "in the dock" to further optimize materials, textures, file size etc. This is needed because I really want to animate the ship soon.

I promise to have a set of high resolution rendered orthographic views somewhere at the end of October. I cant get this done any earlier because my time the next few months will be extremely limited.

I'm happy, CBS is happy (I think...) and a certain writer is for sure happy. I dont think he was too enthousiastic about a second version, and maybe he was right all the time!