Monday, August 9, 2010

Project Schedule up to January 2011

So much dry text today.....zzzzz
Anyway what is coming up:

Full Circle/Voyager fleet:
Working on the 3 Merian class ships. (More work in progress images of the protoship soon...)
Working on the 2 Vesta class ships. (I'm thinking about giving these a different paint scheme to keep them apart from eachother and the Aventine.)

Hopefully getting Voyager's TV mesh soon for study. If time permits I want to remodel her to show refitted area's. After coming back to Earth, the ship probably was taken apart and reconstructed with upgraded technology. Maybe some new deflector parts, new escape pods, slightly longer nacelles that would improve the ability to make the slipstream jump etc. Nothing too extreme, but a slight facelift to bring it back in 2010 again. Sounds like a great idea btw: Voyager Phase II, but this time less Treknobabble and more real solutions. Some new faces, some old? :) Anyway im wandering off....

If the above is done it will be close to December, I will continue with the other ships of the fleet in January. Also somewhere between October/December I have to move from my current house to a new house, so that will be stressy too, but I will manage.