Sunday, August 29, 2010

Voy. update

Made a small start yesterday:

Here is a list of changes that will probably make it to the final version:
  • Define the superstructure/spine a bit more (Slightly more pronounced lines)
  • Replace the nacelles with new versions that are quantum slipstream capable. (Approx 30% longer on the rear end.)
  • Adjust the variable warp field geometry system.
  • Replace the bridge module, with a more streamlined one.
  • Add a thin (5 centimeter) layer of armor over parts of the hull that could benefit from the protection
  • Replace the current main deflector.
  • Add a (sliding or transparent) cover over the auxiliary deflector.
  • Enlarge the rear bay door/bay interior, to fix Delta Flyer dilemma.
  • Repaint the ship in a more porcelain white.
  • Upgrade to Sovereign style escape pods or a modernized "square" version.
  • Upgrade sensor strips with integrated quantum slipstream sensors.
Possible other changes:
  • Swap out of phaserbanks and torpedo launchers for new types.
  • Replacement of the Aeroshuttle with an Aventine inspired weapon system or another craft.
  • Planetary landing system might be overhauled entirely.