Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Aventine "special" in next Star Trek Magazine

In the (to be released) October issue of Star Trek magazine there is an article (quite extensive article even) about the U.S.S. Aventine. I got interviewed by Marco Palmieri, mostly talking about the work involved to design the ship. It features quite a lot of build up images that where not shown before, as well as some new orthographic views and a new beauty shot that is also used as a "miniposter".

I'm really happy how the article turned out, thanks Marco!


  1. She is beauty. Very impressive design. Can't wait to see more of the voyager refit. The offer still stand if you ever need 2d oaths done the way
    I do my Dark Mirror ships.

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  3. Wow !!! great image, i live in Argentina, how would i get that magazine.... mmm... do they send it to other countries ??? because i really want that mini-poster and watch more vestas image.
    Keep the good job !!!
    BTW what happened with the Plankc ?

    Live long and prosper

  4. Thanks guys! Alejandro I'm not sure if the magazine is available online and if it ships worldwide. Link of the publisher:

    Hope that helps! (The issue is not up their website yet.)

    As for the Planck: Sparetime is consumed by my new house, once I'm settled again I will move on with it. It's on hold for now, but certainly will be finished, as it's one of the Full Circle ships.

  5. Don MeiklejohnSeptember 25, 2010

    That is an amazing shot - you always do outstanding work

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  7. U.S.S. Aventine is an amazing starship. I hope soon a warp drive be built for us get to the other solar systems in our lifetime.

  8. Sweet, love the new beauty shot Mark. Is the October issue the one coming out this week? I couldn't remember what the last issue said for this one coming out tomorrow actually.