Friday, December 10, 2010

Slightly more Trek

Small recap of this week:
  • Enterprise F contest: I'm not participating, time is the biggest issue, a smaller issue: the contest is U.S. only. (There might be workarounds for that though.) I will design an Enterprise F somewhere in the future. I do have some ideas but I need more then a month to develop them into something believable.
  • U.S.S. Planck: Going as planned. I'm redoing the nacelles entirely. Was not happy with the shape and length of the ones seen before.
  • I'm hearing all these rumors about the Vesta class coming to Star Trek Online. While I have tried to contact Cryptic a couple of months ago I was unsuccessful in doing so. I'm getting a lot of emails with the same request: "Can you get the Vesta into STO?" Perhaps now we can! :-)  Just for the record: I don't play STO, I'm afraid I might get addicted as I'm very quickly addicted to games like this. (really!) Besides somebody needs to design ships. :-)
  • I created a new web-album called "Aventine Declassified". It shows work in progress shots and raw screen-dumps and sketchy rendered concepts that where not yet released.
  • Below are some small Planck updates:

Possible colors for Merian class variants. (U.S.S. Planck)
Sensor Pod in progress. (not sure if I showed this)