Friday, December 10, 2010

Slightly more Trek

Small recap of this week:
  • Enterprise F contest: I'm not participating, time is the biggest issue, a smaller issue: the contest is U.S. only. (There might be workarounds for that though.) I will design an Enterprise F somewhere in the future. I do have some ideas but I need more then a month to develop them into something believable.
  • U.S.S. Planck: Going as planned. I'm redoing the nacelles entirely. Was not happy with the shape and length of the ones seen before.
  • I'm hearing all these rumors about the Vesta class coming to Star Trek Online. While I have tried to contact Cryptic a couple of months ago I was unsuccessful in doing so. I'm getting a lot of emails with the same request: "Can you get the Vesta into STO?" Perhaps now we can! :-)  Just for the record: I don't play STO, I'm afraid I might get addicted as I'm very quickly addicted to games like this. (really!) Besides somebody needs to design ships. :-)
  • I created a new web-album called "Aventine Declassified". It shows work in progress shots and raw screen-dumps and sketchy rendered concepts that where not yet released.
  • Below are some small Planck updates:

Possible colors for Merian class variants. (U.S.S. Planck)
Sensor Pod in progress. (not sure if I showed this)


  1. Oh, not being in the U.S. would be the biggest hurdle in participating to that contest - from the feedback given by the community representatives on the forum, it wasn't merely a small issue.

    Also, what we have so far on the Vesta being added into Star Trek Online is from the game's executive producer Daniel Stahl, whom listed the Vesta-class in the 'Engineering Reports' (updates on what the developers are working on/plan to work on) being part of In-Design discussions and that he was a personal fan of the ship; that's all.

    So, the deal is probably more tied to the STO devs obtaining approval from CBS and you, ironically.

    Seeing you were concerned about being addicted to the game, I'd also point out that STO has limited endgame content... which likely means that it'd take a month or two of playing regularly every night to max out. From there, there's repeatable content and the weekly-released missions.

    It's a nice game, but the lack of content in itself might act as a safety net for you.

  2. thanks Zoberraz for the info. Seems this game does have a fail safe mechanism then. :)

    Ive been taking a look at the contest gallery. Suprisingly I see the Vesta/Aventine in there already. (multiple times) In my eyes the Vesta is not a good next Enterprise. It's more in line with the E-E then the F should be. :)

  3. Yeah, that contest hasn't had a very auspicious start as far as submissions went. I can't say I really appreciate the presence of the plagiaristic submissions - they're a failed effort from the start and kind of ruins the mood of the contest too.

    In that light, even though they won't end up being winning entries, I respect the clumsy pencil doodles and paintbrush drawings considerably more. At least those are sincere attempts.

    I'm Canadian and so can't participate, but I'm getting this increasingly itching urge to just go and make a long brainstorming post on what the Enterprise-F should be - at least from my perspective.

    I figure many have their own virtuoso ideas on what the Enterprise-F should be, or why their own design should qualify for it more than another... but the truth as I see it is... the Enterprise-F is pretty much going to be Star Trek Online's Enterprise. I've seen very little effort go for making 'the best Enterprise for the game' by contrast of 'shove my Enterprise idea into the game'.

    Heh. By this point, I'm really just hoping the Enterprise-F that will turn up will be one I'm able to like.

  4. Thanks so much for posting the Aventine gallery, Mark! The variety of shots is amazing. Something I've been wondering, though... Would you mind clarifying the location of the pulse phaser cannons, please?