Friday, December 17, 2010

Small Holiday "gift"

The full shot of the Enviropod, that is also seen on SOTL2011 center page.


  1. Hi Mark!
    Great closeup! I cannot believe the amount of detail you model! It's just amazing. Sorry to hear you won't be in the Ent-F contest, though many unscrupulous fans have entered your Aventine.

    Also, I wanted to post a design I was inspired to create after seeing your SOTL2011 image. This is the DY-700, one of the first warp cargo ships created by earth.

    obviously I am not the modeler/artist you are, but I think the ship came out looking rather nice and utilitarian. Modeled in Sketchup and rendered with Kerkythea.



  2. Outstanding. I won't get to see the calendar until Christmas morning, but this will be a favorite. Outstanding. See? People can do "scale" without eight tons of greebles!

  3. Sojourner! Nice work! I saw it before of course, but I still think it's a very plausible design. :) Cool!

    Thanks! Happy Holidays! :)

  4. Hi Mark, this model is beautiful. I have always been fascinated with this ship. I took the liberty of modifying this picture to set the ship in a proper background. I hope you like it.

  5. Cool stuff Breen! :) Thanks!