Monday, June 16, 2014

What just happened?

"We made a theory conforming concept to motivate people to pursue a STEM career." I'm not sure how that translates in "NASA's new warship". It seems the universal press translator is either broken or only translates what it thinks we want to hear.
FUN: I think we have established that we still want to go to the stars. The sooner the better even.
SAD: To see real scientists acting all weird and skeptical over an artistic concept.

I'm confused if my images worked in a positive or negative way this week.

The next starship from this yard is going to cost an exorbitant amount of money. (If you have to ask for the price...that kind of money.) I will deny that I made it and I will never upload a single image of it myself. Really have no desire to go through this again. That probably means I'm going to have a very relaxed year. :-)

Ah well, I always wanted to try knitting.

- Mark

p.s. let me answer these questions before I go:

Ian Bruce: I'm using 3DS 2014 with Powernurbs plug-in and Arion as a renderer
Plee587: IXS: International eXperimental Starship
John Leo: Animation is difficult on this machine, it takes about 24 hours to render 1 full hd frame. :)
Mat Ollig: Blurred out is a made up logo that (in my own eyes) looked too much like an existing one, to avoid trouble I blurred it out, this was all done before the images went viral. If I had known beforehand I would not have done it this sloppy.